About Me

Hi, I'm Paris. I love life in general, but especially love my sports, my pets, and playing guitar. I was born in Sydney, Australia. My favourite thing is waking up before sunrise to go for an early surf.

I'm easliy distracted when I'm supposed to be studying. My biggest fears are blank lines on a page that need to be filled with written words....and cockroaches...and any other crawly things. I really love my dog, Roxy, and two rabbits, both named bunny because i dont know what to call them. I also had some fish but they floated to the top of the tank a bit earlier than expected...
I live in Cronulla, a surf town where we have lots of different types of waves to surf from fun beachies to challenging reef breaks.
I started surfing when I was about 4, but surfing is not the only sport I love. Soccer, wakeboarding, snowboarding top the list but I enjoy all sports. My bigggest surfing inspirations for me at the moment are Tyler Wright, Carissa Moore and Sally Fitzbibbons.
  North Cronulla Beach  Playing Guitar  Coaching Sessions
Surfing has taken me all over Australian and the Pacific and I get so excited each morning wondering what the waves will be like. Sometimes the conditions can let you down and each day can bring different challenges in the line up. It can be really frustrating, demanding, cold and scary somethimes but I love it. There are many amazing experiences as well like when dolphins swim past, the colours in each sunrise or the feeling you get when you nail a difficult manoeuvre. Competition can be really demanding and you have to learn to cope with dissapointment. It's hard putting time and effort into travelling to an event and then not performing to the level you had hoped...but that's what life is often like. When you're down you need to pick yourself up and try again. In surfing, like it is in life, every wipeout might be followed by the best wave you have ever ridden. 
I laugh when I really shouldn't, like when someone trips over. I don't like it when something or someone makes bad excuses, and I don't like lumpy socks. I love my friends and enjoy hanging out with them. I don't really think you can ever stop making new friends or learning as many new things as possible. I also don't think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to have some fun along the way. My family think I'm messy and get annoyed that I leave sand everywhere and wetsuits in the bathroom. Oops, sorry.
I spend my days surfing, working at our local surf school, playing different sports and squeezing in my school work.
There are so many family, friends and sponsors who are helping me out. Without their love, patience, support and encouragement I would not be where I am today....thank you. My sister Chelsea, brother Jake, and Mum and Dad deserve a special mention - they're awesome.
Thank you for visiting my site and maybe I'll see you in the surf one day!






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